May 21, 2017

Rome Day 2

By Kristin Stubbs & Emma Racher

The day started out with all of us getting up around 8am and for breakfast students either stayed in and and ate at their apartments or went to a nearby cafe.  We all dressed to be prepared to enter a church.  That included making sure to cover up our shoulders and knees.  We took the bus and headed to an open market located where Giordano Bruno was executed.  There is a statute in the middle of the square Bruno…Where the monument was there was a market surrounding it.  There were tents with many different items.  They had fruit, vegtables, pasta as well as spices.  They also had souvenirs such as trinkets, appliances and accessories.  We tried out some spices and sauces on crackers. It was very enjoyable and it it was fun to try and taste new things.

For complete details and pictures see: 05-21-17-Stubbs-Racher


May 20, 2017

Ciao from Rome!

By Andrew Barger

We are two days into the program so far and class has been great! Drawing, sightseeing, eating, and laugh sharing. When the students got in the other day the lovely employees at ISA took us out for a very nice dinner in Trastevere that seemingly never ended (I remember no less than 12 courses). Fighting jet lag, we would reconvene the next day.

The area we are in, Trastevere, is incredibly beautiful! Brightly colored buildings line tiny streets and alleys where there is no shortage of cafes and restaurants. One of the great things about Trastevere is that it doesn’t have the density of other areas of Rome. There is a bit of breathing room and green spaces which really makes a difference when everything smells like flowers! There are a couple Universities in this area and simultaneous study abroad programs happening, so there are always a few English speakers near by.

For complete details and photos see: 05-20-17-Barger

Waterbrushs, Watercolors, Ink, Copic Markers and Sketching

Using Waterbrushes on Location

How to Use a Waterbrush – types of Waterbrushes

Waterbrushes vs Regular Brushes – A Choice

Sketchbook Travel Trips

Urban Sketching – 3 Part Process

Quick Sketch – Lines & Color Wash in Milano Italy

Line with Color Wash

Pen & Ink

Street Scenes

Ideas for Packing your Art Bag

Fountain Pens and Color Washes

Urban Sketching – Planning and Execution

Copic Marker Sketches and Bad Days

How to Choose a Fountain Pen for Drawing

Urban Sketching in Lisbon

June 15th, 2015

Rebirth From the Tradition

By Wenxun Liu & Qin Lu

Today is the penultimate day of the Roman trip. Since beginning of the first week, we have studied several different traditional architectural styles of Rome. Through ancient Rome to Baroque, each style displays its own typical and impressive forms, which inspirit us to think about various features of decoration and structure. However, people’s perspective of aesthetic changed a lot since 20 century; it not only represented in art area, but also displayed on architectural field. The trip today we focus on the churches in 20 century, and we can see how people use modern approach to represent the current church and reflect our belief.

For complete details and photos see: 06-15-Lu-Liu

June 13th & 14th, 2015

Last Weekend In Rome

By Huining Guo and Tlapa Katherine

This weekend was our final one in Rome, which was very bittersweet for us all. After being in this city for a month, we have all mastered the complicated thing that is Roman Public Transportation, which gave us all the opportunity to go places on our own and discover new parts of Rome.

For complete details and photos see: 06-13-14-Guo-Tlapa

June 12th, 2015

Out With The Old, In With The New

By  Katherine Myers and Qi Zhang

After waking up in Assisi on our last day we enjoyed the delicious breakfast provided to us by the hotel. Many people were sad to leave the beauty of Assisi so soon, but Rome was calling. We packed our bags and by 10 am we were headed for the luxury of our private bus that would take us to our next location, which was the Chiesa Di San Paolo Apostolo, or Church of St. Paul the Apostle.

For complete details and photos see: 06-12-Zhang-Myers