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Rome Studio — Summer 2018

The Rome Studio — Summer 2018 program dates:  May 17*-June 14, 2018

(Students depart the U.S. on May 17 and arrive in Rome on May 18).

Applications DUE: Has been extended to February 1st, 2018 — to apply: CLICK HERE 

FULL PROGRAM DETAILS are available under the “Program Information” page above.

The following video contains relevant information about the Rome Studio, with an introduction by Professor Vincent Caranchini, the Program Director, and student interviews. Ignore the dates contained in the video (it is a promotional video from a previous trip) but the information within the video remains relevant to Summer 2018.

A longer promotional video from 2012, with Co-director, Christine Mekhitarian, shows more locations with students reflecting on their experiences while living and working in Rome in 2011.